Mirrored Pages

The following pages/sites have been mirrored here as a service to the amateur community to keep the information available. No copyright infringement is intended. All pages are the creations of the original authors and have only been modified to facilitate mirroring here. Please do not contact me unless there is a problem with mirroring; such as broken links. I will not be updating or editing the pages to change content. -NQ4T

Jason Reilly (VK7ZJA SK)’s Anytone 578/878/Btech 6X2/Alinco DJ-MD5/GD77 Pages

VK7ZJA passed away on 17-JAN-2023. His extremely detailed pages on Anytone DMR radios have been mirrored here.

The GD-77 pages contain links to content Jason hosted somewhere that were invalid at the time of archive. If you have these files, please contact me at: nq4tango(at)gmail(dot)com so I may include them. 73.