PiStar Delayed

I’ve been delayed in getting the hotspot back online. I don’t DMR a whole lot these days, so its absence isn’t that noticeable.

I also acquired a SHARI PiHat from Don/WA2SWX over the weekend. It’s a RPi hat that contains a USB codec and a small transceiver with the appropriate filtering.

I am, however, not a fan of the Pi right now. I don’t believe them about why they’re still overpriced and out of stock 3 years on. It is now a product that is securely in the hands of scalpers. It will be years, if ever, before consumers will be able to buy them.

Anyway….my attempts to figure out how to make it work outside of Pi world is confusing. In theory its simple, however it uses a GPIO on the codec for PTT.

I can probably figure it out later, but I kind of just to play with it.

I did however buy a $35 Libre SBC that claims to be Pi compatible and PiStar supposedly works on it.