GoodBye PiStar

I have taken the PiStar page offline; because I have taken my PiStar offline.

The story is long…but the short version is I cannot in good conscious continue to use a product where I do not support the developers. The Pi-Star devs alienated me a long time ago when they closed the doors on the idea of being open.

I had some hope for the W0CHP project; but they are just as self-centered egotistical our-way pricks as the Pi-Star crew.

This currently means the two primary ways of using MMDVM hotspots are developed by people who should not be involved in ham radio. I kept hearing about openness…people kept screaming about proprietary software.

Well…this hobby is not open. All the software projects are closed. No one wants help.

In short…I am questioning the entire idea of radio.