WebStatus Down For VAQP

The Virginia QSO Party (VAQP) is this weekend and I’m finishing up final prep on the PC to get ready for this. It starts at 0200Z tomorrow (18-03-2023). I’ll be joining the club guys for monthly breakfast at 0800EDT to fuel up for the thing.

This means the webstatus for my FT-1000MP will be down. This has absolutely nothing to do with the contest rules; they have nothing prohibiting any use of spotting and even run their own spotting network. The limitation is with software. N1MM does not support OmniRig, meaning it needs actual control of the COM port. I have attempted to split this using com0com/hub4com and VSPE. While both programs connect with VSPE, Log4OM behaves erratically due to seeing N1MMs data.

Maybe sometime in the future I’ll figure out a way to get these two things to behave.

Sometime next week I’ll write a post-mortum about how things went, including using N1MM as a voice keyer through the DVS-2 port interface I use for digital modes, and a post about my cheap and hacky hands free setup. Spoiler: It uses ethernet cables and is really hacky.