Jason-VK7ZJA Has Passed

I have just received word that Jason/VK7ZJA passed away on the morning of 17-JAN-2023. I never spoke to him, but he did write a very detailed page of modifications and technical documentation for the Anytone 878 DMR HT; as well as a few others.

Though I currently don’t own one, I may in the future; and the amount of work and information Jason put on to the page is too valuable to lose. As a service to the ham community, I am mirroring his pages so that they may be reliably available in the future (or for however long I can keep my hosting). I am currently working my way through modifying all of his HTML pages to facilitate mirroring, removing external and unnecessary file hosting links, and adding SK notices. All of these will be collected on a page when the project is finished. However, the 878 page is complete.

Jason/VK7ZJA’s Anytone 878 Page

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