AllStar Info Up

The Pi-Star page is no more.

It has now been upgraded to the Pi-Star/ASL Nodes page! You can now see both my Pi-Star dashboard and AllScan’s status of node 59408. It’s all a gross hack of CSS, so it might look funky or bad on your particular screen. I’ve tried to make it look better with dynamic width CSS code; but I can only do so much. Proper solutions use Javascript, which I can’t get to work and am trying to avoid, probably because my own browser tends to block it.

At some point I’m going to pull my picture off the sidebar and expand the status section to include quick-glance information about both. I have a script to display talkgroup information from Pi-Star and will work on one for AllScan soon. My ASL node is usually connected to my club’s network, however if you want to connect to my mode and say hello, that shouldn’t be an issue. Our repeater mostly sits idle and if our conversation goes long, I can always disconnect it.