Log4OM Web Status

Git Repository

Recently Log4OM added support for UDP message output in it’s remote control. One of the settings has Log4OM automatically send status messages every five seconds when the following conditions are met:

This can be used to build a very basic status display you can embed in a webpage.


A machine that can run Python scripts that can:

It is currently written to be running on the same machine as the webserver. Additional methods of getting the file to an external machine have not been created due to the numerous ways of doing so. It’s also written this way as I run a server at my QTH that’s accessible to the internet.


I have embedded the status on the sidebar/menu of my website. The raw file lives here

My version has CSS applied to match my website. The default version does not.

Basic Theory Of Operation

Log4OM sends packets to my server’s IP. Python picks these up, parses the required information out, and stuffs them in to some HTML it saves directly to the server. This file is set to auto-refresh every 5 seconds.

If the UDP monitor doesn’t get any packets within 6 seconds, it executes a routine to see what’s up. This function merely sends the “Alive” command over the UDP Remote Port. Any response will indicate the radio is off; but a lack of response within 2 seconds assumes that Log4OM is not running on the shack PC.

When the radio is off or Log4OM is not loaded; the code only sends the remote request every 60 seconds.