Archives August 2020

XLX725 Shut Down

Due to my own waning interest and a lack of usage; the XLX725 (aka XRF725) reflector service will not be restored. My original purpose was to have a reflector for my own personal testing and some other experiments. I’d like to thank KE2N for making a six-channel AMBED codec available to the reflector for the better part of the last two years.

Original Server/Data Lost

The server that used to host, along with XLX725; is no longer online and all server data has been lost. If you are looking for something that you thought I might have had; you’re probably right. I just don’t have it anymore. In keeping with 2020 tradition; this comes after discovering my previous server backups weren’t just a little out of date, but completely corrupted; and everything died before I could get a chance to grab all the data. I do have an astounding amount of 404 errors in my nginx logs I can look at and try to fix; though by the time I do that everything will have dropped it’s index. 

Lately most of my focus has been on software as someone told me I was practically at the level of being able to do entry-level jr. dev stuff. This has translated in to my main blog,, getting a LOT of attention. But as I’m also making it a bit of a portfolio of both software and hardware projects; I’m actually including a lot of ham-stuff over there. There’s a chance at some point the content will just be duplicated between sites, I’m not exactly sure what I want to do. 

73 de NQ4T