Privacy Policy

I realize that when you look at most Privacy pages, it probably reads like an EULA (yes, I read one once.) But I’m not going to that. I probably should; however this is a hobby run page…about a hobby. So maybe we can drop the formalities.

First of all; I personally do not want your data. It’s useless to me. I don’t want to sell it, I don’t want to use it against you, and I literally have no reason for doing so. If I have your data somehow; you can sleep easy that I don’t have any idea that I have it, that I don’t even want to have it, and that I wouldn’t even know where to go looking for it.

What The Server Collects

By default when you make a connection to this webpage, the httpd server (Apache) creates an entry in a log with your IP, the resource you requested, and the response the browser gave you. Pretty much any web-server makes a log entry when you connect to it.

I only use this information for the purposes of debugging problems with the site and/or server; and really all I’m looking for when I do look at it is what error was generated and what resource was requested; I don’t even care about the IP that requested it.

Under normal circumstances; the log files just build up until the operating system decides to compress everything and start fresh files. It does this automatically and without my intervention. Occasionally I log in to the server and delete old backups.


Does my site even have cookies? I’ll be honest, if it does; then it must be from something within WordPress that I’m not aware of. I do not allow comments to be posted; according to US law I can be found responsible in civil court for content posted by a third-party. I have opted to eliminate that possibility by disabling comments.

As comments are disabled, there is literally zero reason for anyone except me to have a user account; so isn’t even an option to create one; and there’s no reason for there to be a login-related cookie.

I also don’t have advertisements. I don’t need the small income to help run the server; I consider this a hobby and I pay for it out of my pocket.

There is nothing I’ve done that is set up to track what you read either. I suppose it’s possible a theme could be doing something, but rest assured I have not knowingly done anything that tracks users. I have nothing that gives me any statistics on that.

The Bottom Line

I don’t want your data. I don’t care about what other sites you’ve been to, I don’t care what advertisements would be best suited to you…largely because I don’t have any advertisers to start with. Interaction with my site should be as old-school as it gets; text and images on a page where the author and host are getting absolutely nothing in return.