Old Blog Lost

The hardware containing the old Spurious Emissions blog suffered HDD failure, which I knew was imminent.

Anything that was there has been lost forever. Offhand I can remember I had a page about interfacing aftermarket CTCSS in to an old Kenwood monobander. There was another piece of information I wrote that I can’t remember.

I guess it wasn’t important.


Last year I started on an adventure to meet up with some fellow hams from my online club to head to sunny California for a field day vacation. A completely remote location where we could play radio and enjoy ourselves.

This year I’m doing it again! We’ll be operating from grid CN90tq as W6F.

June can’t come fast enough.

Antenna Saga

I’m sure many of you are aware of the Nor’Easter that came through. While they got massive snow up in Boston….those of us down in DC got winds…massive winds.

The gusts of 30 to about 70 mph blew for about 36 hours. While I was worried the antenna itself would break….the trees holding it up gave way. The problem is it was the last “suitable” tree by the shack with any decent amount of height.

I was pretty much ready to hang up HF for a while…that thing is a PITA to put up. But I got pissed off enough at myself that I bought a couple hundred feet of rope and was determined to put it back up.

I found another tree that wouldn’t change the direction of the antenna…it just was deeper in the woods and I had to trudge through a briar patch.

I hate paracord. Its great stuff…but it would get caught on EVERYTHING while pulling it over the tree. This meant a ton of back and forth…getting fustrated with every prick and scratch.

Long story short…I got both lines reshot and got the antenna up in the air. The center is closer to the shack which allows my feedline to hang straight for a longer segment than before. It is also higher than before. It changed my tunings for the better and it still performs well; 10mW of WSPR got me in to Europe.

I was angry I missed the DX contest, but I’m ready for VAQP next weekend.

But damn…I really hate paracord.


Welcoming and Old Blog “Recovery”

I’m going to unceremoniously kick off the new blog by talking about the old one and why it ultimately drove me from trying my own hosting again. At least, until I saw an offer I couldn’t refuse. But now that I once again have something that resembles a hosted server, here I am. Continue reading “Welcoming and Old Blog “Recovery””