About NQ4T.com

NQ4T.com is “self-hosted” on an OpenVZ VPS that’s likely on an over-subscribed node and over-provisioned for what it’s used for.

A standard LAMP install runs two WordPress blogs on nq4t.com and my other domain, pickmy.org.

SSL Certs are provided by Let’s Encrypt via certbot.

While the underlying Linux kernel is locked to that of the OpenVZ node, I otherwise run Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. More details than you could care to know are on nq4t.com’s phpsysinfo¬†page.

In addition to running two WordPress based sites; the server also runs my XLX725 multi-protocol reflector and a YSFReflector. More information about the ham-radio reflector “network” can be found here (when I build the page.)

Information about current setup and other ham-related activities can be found at the other About page.