“5 Minute” Portable APRS iGate

I recently did one of the few events being held and there was some APRS being used on the course. The area was not near any digipeaters that could pick up the average APRS tracker. I decided to see if I could hack together a quick APRS iGate I could take out in the field, connect to my Arrow II, and with a hotspot attempt to capture some beacons directly to APRS-IS for them. While they did get an APRS digipeater out in the field for the event, my iGate could still help to ensure the packets made it to APRS-IS for net control. I won’t mention how my setup location made aiming the Arrow II different than I expected; but I’m pretty sure at some point I got some packets out there. The setup itself is rather straightforward and took so little time I call it a “5 Minute” iGate. Most of this is due to the fact the Kenwood TH-D74A has a built-in KISS TNC.

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XLX725 Shut Down

Due to my own waning interest and a lack of usage; the XLX725 (aka XRF725) reflector service will not be restored. My original purpose was to have a reflector for my own personal testing and some other experiments. I’d like to thank KE2N for making a six-channel AMBED codec available to the reflector for the better part of the last two years.

Original Server/Data Lost

The server that used to host nq4t.com, along with XLX725; is no longer online and all server data has been lost. If you are looking for something that you thought I might have had; you’re probably right. I just don’t have it anymore. In keeping with 2020 tradition; this comes after discovering my previous server backups weren’t just a little out of date, but completely corrupted; and everything died before I could get a chance to grab all the data. I do have an astounding amount of 404 errors in my nginx logs I can look at and try to fix; though by the time I do that everything will have dropped it’s index. 

Lately most of my focus has been on software as someone told me I was practically at the level of being able to do entry-level jr. dev stuff. This has translated in to my main blog, pickmy.org, getting a LOT of attention. But as I’m also making it a bit of a portfolio of both software and hardware projects; I’m actually including a lot of ham-stuff over there. There’s a chance at some point the content will just be duplicated between sites, I’m not exactly sure what I want to do. 

73 de NQ4T