NAQP RTTY Preliminary Results & NAQP SSB

The preliminary results for NAQP RTTY were published recently. My listed score was 10,200 with 170 contacts and 60 multipliers. I have to check to see how this compares with my claimed score.

NAQP SSB is going on right now. I had briefly flirted with operating in it; but I picked up an IC-7300 about two weeks ago and I not only didn’t do any prep as far as software goes…but I didn’t get familiar enough with the rig to work in a contest environment. I did have success in getting N1MM connected to it…and I actually was able to program CAT commands to fire off the voice keyer.

But CAT control, PC connectivity, voice keyer…these are all wayy too new for a guy that has operated a IC-725 for the last three years. If I do play around with it later tonight, I might submit my low-scoring log. Otherwise, the 4 contacts I’ve made thus far are getting submitted as a check log. Though I’ve read through the 7300 manual before, I think maybe I need to re-read it and play around with N1MM more.

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