Field Day: N6F – Snowstorm Ranch – CN90tq

Just like last year, I’ll be heading west again to take part in FBOM’s “epic” Field Day just outside of Horse Lake, CA.

So why is this epic? Because a bunch of us are all leaving our corners of the country and converging on the other side of the country (for some of us). We’re a fraternal radio club…so it’s about hanging out with each other as much as it is the radio. We’re literally all scattered around the country, and it’s once a year the “core” of our group gets together face to face.

I fly out on June 19th from the DC area to Vegas, get a rental car, then haul ass to make Reno by morning. By evening on June 20th we’ll be pulling in to the ranch, cracking open beers, starting our bullshit sessions early, and just happy to be there. Our radio setup is much like last year; a K3 with diversity receive capability running in to a SPE 1.3k amp.

We’ll be running N6F event call for this as well as running a 1E station. We decided on E for one simple reason; we want to play with the radios early. We want not only extra time to make sure our setup is going to work and figure out any problems; but we also want to play. Some of us don’t get to put our voice behind a kilowatt on a regular basis…some of us need brushing-up/warming-up on the quasi contesting environment of FD. Choosing to run as a home station means we can set-up when we get there and work every station during Field Day. Alpha stations aren’t allowed to set up outside of a designated time, so running as a home station on emergency power seems like the best trade-off; it also allows us to count contacts with every station unlike other classes that have restrictions.

It’s hard to imagine this year possibly being better than last; last year was absolutely fantastic. I mean, I left out of there waiting to do it again. The time is approaching, everything’s booked. 9 days from now, we’re gone!

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