Welcoming and Old Blog “Recovery”

I’m going to unceremoniously kick off the new blog by talking about the old one and why it ultimately drove me from trying my own hosting again. At least, until I saw an offer I couldn’t refuse. But now that I once again have something that resembles a hosted server, here I am.

I became licensed in April of 2015 as KM4JOJ. I’m not turning this into an About Me/Brag post; it’s just part of the timeline. But I started right out the gate with a General class license and luckily acquired a workhorse/tank of an HF rig in August. That really opened the flood-gates to the hobby and I decided to follow the trend of starting a website/blog. I (secretly) hosted it on a computer at my house off my FTTH connection and used a dynamic DNS provider to make it all work. The original address was http://km4joj.ham-radio-op.net and contained both my ham blog posts and a couple of pages dedicated to an isolated sound card interface I semi-designed and built, and interfacing an aftermarket CTCSS encoder/decoder to an old Kenwood 2m monobander. It also contained the usual pages dedicated to the equipment and configuration I’m running down here in the shack.

It was sometime in October of 2016 that I decided to buy km4joj.com on a whim. This naturally required something more substantial than a Linux computer sitting in my shack; so I searched around and found an affordable basic VPS that fit the bill. So I got it set-up, configured, and then carefully copied all the MySQL database and page content into a fresh new WordPress install. Everything was working quite well for about a week.

Then the problems started, and to make that story short; my server for some reason was trying to initiate¬†a bunch of SMTP connections and consuming enough resources the hypervisor was shutting it down. It was so bad I couldn’t get a terminal to respond long enough to find the root cause. I was already in a pretty overall stressed mood due to the holiday work schedule, so I literally just said “#$%! this”, threw up a static page of practically nothing, and pretty much abandoned the server. This is despite the fact I had pre-paid for an entire year. That was a pretty expensive way to serve a static HTML page that basically said: “Nothing ever coming here.”

In September, after a year of trying, I was granted a 2×1 Group A call. This got me thinking about buying the .com of my callsign, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted the headache of trying to do another server, and I didn’t feel like shelling out for a .com and not have some kind of server behind it. I put the idea in the back of my head, occasionally doing some reading to try and better understand where I screwed my last Linux server up. It was a Black Friday promotion for an OpenVZ server that caught my eye. “Cloud VPS” wasn’t ever actually on my list of my preferred platforms, and I was unaware that’s what OpenVZ was. But for what I get it was dirt cheap. I’ll give it the year I paid for and see how I like it.

Over the next few weeks (or months), I’m going to be working on replicating some of the content from my original KM4JOJ blog over to here. Not everything I posted I feel is worth even worrying about, so I’ll pick out the good stuff. The same goes for any of the other pages I had over there. I’ll also be playing with the appearance of the site quite often; so you’ll probably see various mistakes here and there. Like I know right now I have some footer text to take care of, but I have some plans for that.



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